Frequently asked questions

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How will it improve my visibility on real estate portals?

Portal Monitor analyzes your listings on real estate portals to provide Smart Suggestions that will instantly improve your ranking and visibility.

Which real estate portals are supported?

We currently support over 150 portals. If one of your portals is not yet supported, we'll add it within 24 hours.

How many searches can I monitor?

You can monitor unlimited searches, so you can improve your visibility on all locations that matter to your agency.

How do I connect my existing portals?

It only takes a few minutes! Change the email address on your portals to the custom email address you can find in your dashboard. Portal Monitor does its magic so you can find your leads in one place.

Can you forward leads in my CRM?

We sure can! You can create custom workflows to do just about anything with your leads, instantly. Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho and a dozen of other CRMs are supported.

Can you help us create custom workflows?

No problem, contact us so our team can identify your needs and help you automate your business.

Ready to automate your business?

It only takes a few minutes to connect your existing portals and start to automate your leads.

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